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01. Criminal Law

DUI Driving Under the Influence

Many of the jury trials won by Defender Nava are DUIs involving drugs and alcohol. Many of his colleagues refer to him as "The DUI king." He has taught many new attorneys how to successfully try DUIs. Even police officers have told him that they would hire him if they got arrested for a DUI. Prosecutors have dismissed DUI cases where Defender Nava was the attorney of record.

Drug Use , Drug Possession, and Drug Sales

Defender Nava is disliked by Narcotics Detectives because he fights drug cases with passion. Defender Nava has successfully litigated many cases involving being under the influence of a controlled substance; possession of a controlled substance; and sales of a controlled substance.  

Domestic Violence

Defender Nava has won many jury trials and obtained many dismissals involving felony and misdemeanor domestic violence charges. These have included assault and battery; corporal injury on another; assault with a deadly weapon, and violations of restraining orders;

All Felonies, Strikes, Misdemeanors, and Infractions 

Defender Nava will always stand by your side no matter what crime you are charged with. He has successfully fought robberies; burglaries; car thefts; sex crimes; shoplifting; vandalisms; resisting arrest; assault and battery on police  and many more.  

 11 Years of Criminal Defense Practice

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