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Our Fees

Defender Nava believes that you deserve to pay a fair price for a great attorney.  He will keep you and your loved ones informed along every step of your case. He will return your calls and respect you and your decisions. He will never force you to plead guilty.


Defender Nava understands that many of our Court Appointed Public Defender Systems are broken because Prosecutors file more criminal charges  than the system can handle.  That is why he will never take more cases than he can handle. Defender Nava practices QUALITY over QUANTITY. He practices in Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and Los Angeles County.


Initial Consultation

Defender Nava will evaluate your case for free. That's right, FREE.


Criminal Defense Representation

Every case is unique. Some cases will be dismissed or reduced. Other cases will be litigated at arraignment hearings, motion hearings, preliminary hearings, and jury trials. That is why Defender Nava will provide you with a fair price based on your unique case.


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