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Attorney Joaquin Nava was born and raised in Ventura County. He was a Professor of Law at the Ventura College of Law, where he taught future lawyers to fight and win jury trials. Defender Nava is not your typical defense lawyer. In 2008, he was unjustly arrested because he stood up for his rights. He fought the government and had his case dismissed. For almost 15 years, he has defended thousands of people who like him deserve a fighting chance. He earned his reputation as "The Defender" by winning jury trial after jury trial.

Defender Nava is not afraid to get out of his chair to stand up and fight for you too. He cares about you because he personally knows what it feels like when government threatens your freedom. Defender Nava will always be personally involved in your case. Call him at  (805) 207-4859 for a FREE consultation.

Practice Areas:


Criminal Law

Defender Nava has almost 15 years of experience defending against misdemeanors, felonies and probation violations. He has won jury trials and obtained dismissals for almost every  crime in the book, including DUI, Suspended License, Drugs, Sex Crimes, and Domestic Violence. 


Juvenile Law

Defender Nava understands that children should never be in cages. In 2016 he received an award in Ventura County for fighting on behalf of children facing criminal charges. He knows that juveniles need help. Defender Nava will fight tooth and nail to avoid a criminal record for your child. 


Clear Criminal Record

Defender Nava had to clear his own name and knows how important it is to clear yours. He has cleared hundreds of criminal records. He will fight to expunge and seal your record. Defender Nava will make sure that you are not treated differently because of your past mistakes.

Our Defender

It Is Better To Die On Your Feet, Than To Live On Your Knees.

Emiliano Zapata (1919)

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