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Ask Defender Nava: Should I hire an ex-district attorney or an ex-public defender to defend me?

Great question. I would hire an ex-public defender. Why? Ex-district attorneys made a living incarcerating and prosecuting American citizens for mostly non violent crimes. They worked for the same government that is now trying to take your freedom. Ex-prosecutors who end up as criminal defense attorneys are on your side because they are now trying to profit off of you. They try to sell you the myth that as prosecutors they know the system better. The truth is that all of their cases were handed to them on a silver platter called a police report. They rarely performed adequate investigations into the innocence of a defendant like you. On the other hand, public defenders have been on your side all along. They often had to rise up from an underdog position to defend and liberate their innocent clients from the clutches of the government. As private attorneys, ex-public defenders have a much lower case load than when they were public defenders. This means they provide experienced and quality work. Don't fall for the side with the badge, pick the side who fought the badge.

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